TalkNorwichCity's Connor Southwell delivers a tough verdict of a frustrating Friday night fixture away at Cardiff.

Supporting Norwich City is a frustrating and difficult commitment to maintain at present.

This was not the revolution Norwich supporters were expecting. Surveying the wreckage of the underwhelming performance of last season, the Norwich board watched in envy as Huddersfield Town surpassed expectation by gaining promotion via the lottery of the playoffs.

This led those spearheading Norwich City to aggressively slam the desks of the boardroom and proclaim “recruit the man who made this happen”. So far, the jury remains to be seated as to whether this experiment has had a positive impact on the Canaries.

Norwich is in freefall. Webber, Farke and co can worry all they like about the long term, but if they disregard the short term they could find themselves in desperate trouble. Norwich’s lack of differentiation and passive management played a pivotal part in the narrative of a cold night in Wales.

Referees can be blamed, but the desperation to shift the blame from an unconfident and ordinary side seems to be Farke’s biggest priority at present.

Norwich’s consistent state of ineptitude means so meagre the moments of joy at present that apathy and a lack of care has replaced the feeling of optimism and delirium which followed a pulse raising run of results. This Norwich side are desperately losing their grip and their supporters.

The cacophony of deafening statistics from the AGM was still lurking on this fixture. The lack of significant financial reservoir means this malaise looks set to continue and in light of the positivity bred from that infamous and record breaking run being diminished, Norwich’s soul searching continues to get deeper.

This rut is slowly transitioning into a rot.

With a striker looking resigned to the cause and a defence conceding carbon copies of similar goals, this is a Norwich side struggling to adapt to the climate of the Championship.

Time scale and patience is all pleasant and endearing, I too have called upon perspective yet this freefall is deeply alarming. Farke’s inability to change formation as frequently as previously and his insistence of deploying central players in wide areas are restricting Norwich’s progress.

Casting an eye over the fence, Norwich’s opponent was well drilled and rehearsed. Whilst Cardiff may not have the quality or depth needed to maintain a lengthy run at the top two, the playoffs inevitably beckon for Warnock’s warriors.

The zeal displayed by Norwich in the brighter moments of this campaign have diminished and been replaced by an infection of scepticism and safeness in possession of the ball.

This newfound philosophy was uttered to be built on the hypothesis of possession play. Despite improved intensity and tempo on the ball, this Norwich side is not good enough to dominate games and use the ball in offensive situations to be potent and ruthless in attacking situations.

Nelson Oliveira’s body language and repeatedly average performances indicate his head has been turned. A missed opportunity to spark a counter attack sits sickly in the throat; this is not the Oliveira that Norwich supporters have grown to adore. His wayward and common shooting is becoming an epidemic and admittedly the service he’s received has been minimal, but his individual performances must improve.

Farke’s side don’t achieve any points for finesse or technique. Style and possession points are nil. A balance is needed, particularly short term to achieve a winning a formula whilst retaining this DNA which has been discussed so prominently since the beginning of his tenure.

Norwich simply doesn’t have the players to pass teams into submission. They have a spread of lightweight midfielders who, not for a lack of effort or desire, are being blown away. Improved energy levels were visible first half, but once again this lateral and slow tempo seemed to infect Norwich in possession.

Norwich is looking over their shoulder.

This seems to be a process of damaged limitation and Norwich need to halt this freefall. It remains to be seen if Farke should return to the defensively robust and dogged side which ground out wins at top operators in this division.

Alex Tettey is sorely missed. Talk of the Norwegian midfielder leaving to join Rosenberg is hardly surprising considering his sizable wage packet and Norwich’s falling bank balance. Tettey is needed at present, his defensive positioning and presence he offers to the midfield was the catalyst of Norwich’s upturn in from. The sooner he returns the better.

It remains to be seen where Norwich will end up on what has been a season of peaks and troughs. This run needs to end, and with it Norwich need to win some games, if only to inject some positivity into this shattered Norwich side and it’s aching supporters.

Connor Southwell

Managing the TNC website, Connor's adherence with Norwich City manifested itself from an early age and has been a rollercoaster, witnessing football from League One to the Premier League. He once played a bit too, Connor attempts to write sensibly and honestly. Which is hard being a NCFC fan!

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