After an exceptional week of supporting the Canaries with three wins in three, Head of Connor Southwell casts his eye over proceedings.

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After the events of recent days, it’s understandable that the eyes of those of a yellow and green persuasion have been transfixed elsewhere.

South of the border is subject to a yellow and green invasion, with ex-Norwich employees Paul Lambert and Matt Gill heading to Portman Road in order to attempt to steady a ship sinking rapidly. The feeling towards the former was audible inside NR1 for the entirety of the afternoon.

Although none of these players were involved in the Lambert epoch, they took onus of their individual responsibilities and proved why all attentions should, deservedly, be placed on the operation in which they’re partaking in at present.

Carrow Road is currently a joyous place to both consume and play football.

Every chant is sung with more vigour and gusto, an understanding of the process is clearer now among supporters and positivity is the most pertinent feeling within the terraces. There’s an excitement to watch Norwich at present, both for their aesthetic football but also their mental resilience and self-assurance.

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Entertainment factor is something that has returned, admittedly it wasn’t at the forefront of Saturday’s fixture, but winning games breeds positivity alongside making the experience of attending football more pleasurable.

It’s been an enduring few years to support Norwich, but the fruits of the supporter’s patience are now becoming visible. Embracing this momentum and upward mobility is key, simply because this Norwich side are yet to prove that this is more than a sustained run of good form.

The bubbling is still ongoing, the cogs are beginning to turn and the feel-good factor is slowly but surely beginning to return.

The Canaries may be going under the radar, but at present they are flying under the stewardship of Daniel Farke.

Comparatively to Tuesday nights victory against Aston Villa, Norwich weren’t at the races for extensive periods. That said however, they can consider themselves unfortunate not to have beaten Brentford by a larger margin.

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That can only be an encouraging sign as we progress further into this season.

It’s a safe assumption to presume Jordan Rhodes won’t be on penalty taking duty for Norwich City again.

After the manner of which he won the game on Tuesday, Rhodes took the penalty with confidence but delivered a spot kick identical to the one he missed against West Brom. Thankfully, Norwich went on to this one which should mean this time out, Rhodes has less of a mental hurdle to overcome.

Ultimately, they unearthed a method which ensured they left Carrow Road as victors. Good teams win they don’t necessary operate in top gear, that’s how momentum is maintained and when the ‘P’ word will begin to get brandished around.

Norwich weren’t as fluid as they have been previously. They needed to discover an alternative methodology in order to win this game.

Brentford overloaded the midfield but also ensured Sergi Canos and Ollie Watkins kept their position high and wide, thus nullifying the freedom of Norwich’s full backs. That is where they gain their width from, through Jamal Lewis and Max Aarons, and this required some adaptation from Norwich’s part to grind out a win.

Brentford appear to be in a false position at present.

The nucleus of their side is strong and they operate through attractive, possession based football. Losing Dean Smith will be a tough blow and it remains to be seen whether Thomas Frank can deliver the same amount of progression as his predecessor did.

Norwich mixed things up, simply because they had too. This is graphically illustrated through the goal in which they scored, a more direct pass over Brentford’s defensive shape for Emi Buendia to convert with a deft and beautiful touch to help it past Daniel Bentley.

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Had this of been last campaign, Norwich would have been more idealistic and rigid to ensure they showcased their philosophy whilst lacking fluidity, energy and relying on the talent of James Maddison.

What they have this season is a flexible, together and well-oiled unit who are intelligent enough to respond to situations during the match. Everyone donning yellow and green is demanding the football to feet, nobody looks out of place and the believe in themselves but also in their team mates.

As a collective, Norwich now match up on the pitch to the soundbites of both their Sporting Director and their Head Coach.

Farke and Webber spoke about laying foundations and potentially creating something special, both of those factors are becoming all the more noticeable. Last season was undoubtedly all about constructing those foundations before pushing on.

The technical quality available to Farke is undeniable, but it’s the mental qualities that Norwich possess that will be integral to any potential success this campaign, especially when you consider the youthful exuberance they possess in this side.

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Max Aarons and Jamal Lewis were restricted regarding their licence to influence the fixture offensively.

Adaptation to the climate and rhythm of the game is pivotal regardless of age, position or size, yet these two continue to adapt and perform. The annual accounts were published this week, and everybody understands the current situation of them, both Lewis and Aarons’ could prove valuable assets to the future of the financial situation.

Norwich will hope, however, that they can grow with the club as oppose to outgrowing them.

Emi Buendia has made an inconsistent start to life at Norwich City.

The Argentine has been expensive on the ball, but has displayed, in glimpses the potential he possesses. If he does get going, then he will be quite the player for Norwich.

His surprising strength on and off the ball coupled with his defensive awareness in order to support Aarons’ is helping with the balance of the side. His first touch is excellent, his movement creative and his technical quality stupendous.

He is willing to take risks in an attempt to make something happen offensively, when those passes come off, then he resembles a quality player. At 21 years of age, improvement and refinement within his game still needs to be discovered, but the second half performance against Aston Villa and this game are certainly something to build from.

Three wins in the last week, nine points and up to fourth in the table, its been quite the week for Norwich City.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at TalkNorwichCity are with Glenn Hoddle, Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club and Leicester City Football Club in what has been a dreadful Saturday for the footballing community. It’s simply unthinkable that these tragedies would all happen.

 Lets hope for some good news. 

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