Kit release days are always big points in a clubs pre-season for fans. With no competitive football to talk about, fans often turn to looking at the new kits that their respective clubs will be playing in for the season.

However, after Norwich City’s tease to the today’s away kit launch, many thought that the 2020/2021 away kit would be a little different, it is, just not how we thought.

City decided to go with the strap line, ‘For The Heroes’ paying homage to the wonderful people that have supported the local community during the devastating COVID pandemic, incorporating a rainbow design in the pre-release graphics.

However, fans were this morning presented with a ‘modern petrol blue’ kit, aka blue. At least it isn’t Ipswich blue!

Whatever you think of the kit, it’s sure that the team that takes to the field wearing it on the first game of the new season will be rather different to the squad that faced up against Liverpool at the start of the Premier League campaign.

All of that discussed in today’s TalkNorwichCity video along with:

  • New nets to be used at Carrow Road
  • Norwich City’s seamless season record and Jordan Hugill’s impressive start.

Watch it all here ?

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