So this week marks the 40th episode of the TNC Podcast. What better way to do that than get on a man that Chris and I admire in equal measure, Jake Humphrey.

I grew up watching Jake on kids’ TV and have followed his career ever since, tuning into F1 when he was anchoring that and then of course watching Premier League coverage on BT Sport since he’s been presenting that.

Jake has always been incredibly hospitable with me, always answering questions I have on texts and picking up the phone whenever I have a query on something. We first filmed a video when I hit 10,000 subscribers around a year ago. Jake invited me round to his wonderful home just outside of Norwich to record a Breakfast With TNC, still one of my favourite videos to date.

One year later and we were desperate to film a podcast with Jake, it gives Chris and I a chance to really explore different topics and be able to give our viewers a chance to really get to know the guests we have on.

In this podcast we delved into everything from Jake’s deep belief in the regime that Norwich City currently find themselves under, how academy football could be huge for us going forwards and why Jake thinks he is often criticised by City fans on Twitter.

For me this is probably one of my favourite podcasts yet, it was very relaxed yet we were able to really dig deep into some important topics. It was lovely to have a different setting to film in as well, the under floor heating was glorious on my feet.

Sit back, grab some hummus and enjoy. I really hope you enjoy.

Here is to another 40 episodes!

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