After a depressing week for those connected to Norwich City, Jack and Chris Reeve dissect the latest Norwich defeat in South Wales as they seek to inject some needed positivity into a fan base feeling a sense of apathy and frustration.

As well as football, topics include Sunday Roast meats, important questions surrounding the guys preferred temperature of toilet seat and how the boys met their girlfriends. An hour of uplifting chat connected to Norwich City beckons.

Furthermore, Chris expands upon his well-established ‘Christmas deadline’ whilst reinforcing his positive mind-set at present. This leads to carnage as the boys delve into all things life which offers a nice escapism from the burning issues surrounding Norwich City at present.

From Snapchat calls to an update on Wilmots latest cut, this podcast combines logical opinion with utter craziness. It’s the must listen for all supporters left in a state of disappointment following on pitch performances.

With Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds approaching, what should Norwich do to improve this dismal run of form and show signs of promise? They now sit closer to the bottom three than the playoffs, is this a transitional season and should supporters demand more?

The boys discuss what makes Norwich a ‘community club’, and Jack claims Norwich should be more like Ipswich…

Keep your eyes on the TalkNorwichCity YouTube channel, website and socials for the latest content pre and post Sheffield Wednesday.

Connor Southwell

Managing the TNC website, Connor's adherence with Norwich City manifested itself from an early age and has been a rollercoaster, witnessing football from League One to the Premier League. He once played a bit too, Connor attempts to write sensibly and honestly. Which is hard being a NCFC fan!

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