After a Decade of Derby dominance for Norwich City, what better way to celebrate than scroll through some of our favourite tweets from the weekend. Will Jennings takes a look.

As even the most cursory browse of social media would reveal, there are multiple different ways to consume derby day.  

Amidst the buildup, many show nerves. Alternatively, many City fans use the preceding few days to gloat about their team’s dominance in recent years, posting images of previous conquests or perhaps a screenshot of the current Championship table. Many – myself included – are more a mixture of the two.  

As always with Norwich City, our Twitter fanbase served up an online treat on Sunday, combining the factual, the funny, and the evocative to entertain us after that memorable 3-0 win. 

Let’s go chronologically. Much had been made of the AlongComeNorwich and Barclay End Norwich-pioneered pre-match march on Twitter, a carnival of yellow and green livery and pyrotechnics that congregated at the Queen of Iceni at 10:30am.  

Here, Jacqui Lambert (@lambert_jacqui) perfectly captures the mood as the masses descended upon Carrow Road, catching two City legends in good voice and and fully immersing themselves in their raucous surroundings. How lucky we are to have a club this united. 

Upon arrival, what came next was spectacular.  

Following the consumption of their pre-match beverage or pie, fans were greeted with the unfurling of that redolent ‘Pride of Anglia’ banner in the Lower Barclay, an exercise in innovation – once again inspired by AlongComeNorwich and Barclay End Norwich – and one that celebrated the derby day heroics of Messrs Mckenzie, Redmond, Bruce and Holt.  

Ipswich’s attempt to rival such a spectacle were – put generously – limp. Jamie Wright’s tweet (@jamiewright24) humorously demonstrates the disparity. 

And then there was Marco. The brilliant, marauding Stiepermann, surely among the planet’s most unorthodox number tens but a player who more than makes up for what he lacks in grace with a compelling ability to be direct and run at opposition defences.  

Tweeted by Aaron Baker (@_Baker11), here he is further endearing himself to the City faithful, responding to the inevitable hostility from the away end with that stern, defiant, ‘I couldn’t care less’-screaming Germanic stare. 

As anticipated, Paul Lambert’s much-publicised return to Carrow Road was one characterised by his desire to divert attention away from the football and instead towards his role as the pantomime villain. On the cusp of half-time, that he achieved with a remarkable degree of success.  

This tweet from Phil Harris (@kingswell) delineates the conspicuous differences between him and another former-NCFC manager, two men whose success from the dugout bore no significance whatsoever on their reputation among our loyal fanbase. 

This is utterly, utterly brilliant.  

When Lennon and McCartney sat down and wrote this timeless classic in 1966, it’s difficult to imagine the thought of it being recycled into football song form over half a century later would have crossed their mind. 

Such is the melodically versatile and catchy nature of ‘Yellow Submarine’, a song whose chorus has been brilliantly adapted by City fans – accompanied by some basic yet highly effective choreography – to aptly showcase the fate of our team and their East Anglian rivals.  

Our very own Christ Reeve (@chrisreevo) with the tweet, but a particular shoutout to Ross Bullard (@Rosconcfc7) for some absolutely world-class gesticulating, reminding that lot from down the road exactly where they’re ending up and generating a wave of Twitter hilarity in the process.  

So, a brilliant derby day accompanied by some quality stuff on Twitter from the NCFC family. Far more could have featured – special mentions to Canaries Caption It (@saund65), James Bigg (@JamesBigg) and PinkUn Rage Machine (@pinkun_rage) for their contributions – but only five could make the cut.  

Keep up the good work, City fans, and see you all at Deepdale for what will – fingers crossed – be another memorable day out in this utterly magnificent season.

Will Jennings

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