TalkNorwichCity now has a podcast! Read about why we wanted to start it and you can watch or listen to the first episode right here!

So it’s finally happened, TalkNorwichCity now has a podcast! It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for ages but logistically we haven’t been able to pull it off. However everything we needed to happen has and it’s here!

We want to make these podcasts a place where we can sit down and have a relaxed chat about the club we love, eat some nice food and have a beer. It’s so easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment straight after a game, and we all say things a few minutes after the whistle has blown that we haven’t thought through. This is our chance to sit down and actually try and evaluate things without 26,000 shouting fans around us that all want different things from their club.

On this weeks episode, it’s all about the Ipswich game, where we go from here and whether the play-offs are still achievable. Oh, and of course we have food, it’s homemade key lime cheesecake this time round!

Anyway the podcast will be available on YouTube, SoundCloud and soon to be iTunes.

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